Ultimate DC Wire Gauge Calculator

Welcome to the DC Wire Gauge Calculator! This tool is designed to assist you in selecting the appropriate wire gauge for your DC electrical systems, ensuring that you meet your desired efficiency and safety standards. Here’s how to use this tool:

DC Wire Gauge Calculator

Wire Gauge Calculator

  1. Input Cable Length: Begin by entering the total length of the cable you intend to use.
  2. Voltage, Wattage, and Amperage:
    • You need to provide at least two out of these three values.
    • If you input Voltage and Wattage, the calculator will compute the Amperage for you.
    • If you input Voltage and Amperage, the calculator will compute the Wattage.
    • If you input Wattage and Amperage, the calculator will compute the Voltage.
  3. Select Cable Material: Choose the material of your cable, either Aluminium or Copper, from the options provided.
  4. Set Percentage Loss: Specify the maximum percentage of power loss you can tolerate in the cable. This will factor into the gauge recommendation to ensure efficiency in your setup. More voltage loss =more generated heat from the cables = possibly fire. 2% is average
  5. Results: Once all required fields are filled in. Push the button andthe calculator will provide a recommended wire gauge that suits your requirements.

Remember, choosing the right wire gauge is crucial for both the efficiency and safety of your electrical system. By using this calculator, you ensure that you are making informed decisions for your projects.

Happy wiring!

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