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Lightning on motorcycle: 3 great tips to improve lighting

As a daily user of my motorcycle, I’ve made quite a few upgrades to make the ride more comfortable. Since I’m working in a forest and considering its wintertime right now I missed some extra lighting on my motorcycle so that I can keep driving full throttle even when it’s dark. I like my solutions cheap and effective so that’s those are all the ideas I’m about to share with you. Keep reading to see how you can increase the lighting on your motorcycle or scooter.

Headlights in the dark

Clean it!

Although it sounds very logical. It helps! And it’s free. Your front headlight might be covered in mud and flies which are blocking the light. Removing it could make a difference. So grab your sponge with some soap and water and start cleaning! While you’re at it, give your tail light some love as well. More light means more visibility, which means more safety for you!

Replace the lightbulb

When replacing the lightbulb it’s always a good idea to check how many watts your old bulb is. More watts equals more light. Although you can’t just simply put more watts in your unit because there probably isn’t more electricity available. That’s why I wouldn’t advise to just buy the same bulb with more watts. Luckily we live in 2021 and we have other technologies available (for a good price) than your regular old-fashioned lightbulbs. You get the most light per watt out of a led lightbulb. And lucky for us they exist in all sizes and shapes to fit your motorcycle.

In this example we replace the bulb of my honda dax. Originally there was a 25watt standard BA20D lightbulb. I’ve experimented with quite a few different lightbulbs. One important thing we found out the hard way (read: by breaking a few) is that most led bulbs really need a constant 12v from the battery. The headlight from my dax gets his electricity from the alternator so the 12v has pulses. That resulted in a few broken led light bulbs. Luckily I found a light bulb that isn’t affected by the unstable 12v conditions of my dax. Since I like everything as cheap as possible I ordered this lighbulb from aliexpress and it’s working for years already. And most importantly, a lot brighter than my original light bulb while even consuming fewer watts.

ba20d led bulb

Install extra lights

extra light switch dax

Although my led light bulb was doing a great job, I wanted more light. There are many possibilities but we want something bright. And we have a simple motorcycle so we don’t have unlimited electricity So there’s the led bar like this. 18 watts and you only have to do the wiring and mounting in one location. Since I thought it would be fun to have more of an adventurer look on my dax I bought these adventurer lights. Two times 9 watt so power usage is the same.  To connect create new wires directly from the battery and connect them via an external switch like this one

led bar led adventure lighting switch

That’s it! Unfortunately there’s no magic solution, work has to be done. The good news is that you can fix it altogether for around $10 or less. When this post helped you and you consider ordering one of these products, please use the links provided on this page. We get a small percentage to keept the content running and it cost you nothing extra.

dax motorcycle


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