The Ultimate AliExpress Vape Guide

Since we’re located in Amsterdam we have a long history with smoking. Smoking is bad for your lungs, a vape could be a healthier (note: not healthy) alternative. There are many ways to go, so in this post, we share everything we found from our Chinese friends. The good news is: the results are positive!

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Dry herb vapes

Dry herb vaping has a lot of advantages. Since only the hot air flows through the herb this is the purest form of vaping. You don’t have any sort of combustion or additives. The lack of additives and combustion is also the reason that this gives the most pure flavor. The fact that you don’t need additives means you also don’t have to buy them, which is another advantage. The last advantage of dry herb vaping is that nothing goes to waste. Every single hit you take will end up in your lungs and nowhere else. And if you don’t take a hit, no smoke will go to waste since there’s nothing burning.

Seems like enough reasons to vape with the dry herb vape. There are several options available. The cheapest one I tried with good vaping results is this pathfinder v2. It has been around for many years in different names. But they are all the same. Only outside appearance may slightly vary.

Why is this vape so good? Well first of all the price. It goes for around €11 and it does everything you need. It heats up quite fast, you have detailed temperature settings. The battery life is good for about 2-3 fillings. It is micro USB powered so you can charge it up with a powerbank or any spare cable you or your friends have laying around. You get a complete package with everything you need except the herbs.

Are there downsides to this thing? If you use it much the mouthpiece will get hot. Although they give an extra rubber mouthpiece with it that prevents this. because I didn’t find it practical in use I choose to endure the heat. It is ok and only with excessive smoking, it will get hot. Another downside is battery life. Although if they made the battery last longer the battery would get bigger. A bigger battery means a bigger vape. So I choose to carry a powerbank with me when I’m out for the whole day like on a festival. One full powerbank and charged vape will last me a whole day of vape pleasure during a festival. And this is where I usually vape a lot.

So let’s say you’re convinced and bought the vape. What is the recommendation for using it? You want to have an airflow that flows through the herb. So when you have big chunks with open space next to it the air will go around the herb and not take any thc or other good stuff with it. Usually ground is best. Also don’t pack it too tight because otherwise, no air will flow through it! You want it stuffed, but not jammed full. Gently push it together so all the air will flow through the herb. Then I’d like to start at 190℃. If it gets less smokey increase the temperature to around 215℃. After a while, the taste will get worse. That’s the sign that it’s time for a refill or time to chill a bit.

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Mighty vape rip off!

Recently I noticed that there’re some exact copies of the Storz & Bickel Mighty vape available by our favorite Chinese friends. It took me a few months but I was way too curious to find out how good of a copy this thing was. At a price of $80, it’s definitely not cheap. But in comparison with the original at around $250, it could be worth its money. So I gave it a shot and ordered one to find out!

So the vape came in a sealed box, looking exactly like the original one. It even has the same user manual as the original and refers to the original website for more info (very clever of them). The only thing that gives away it’s an Chinese rip-off are the included grinders. They don’t have the neat filling hole to fill up this vape. As for the vape itself. The plastic feels kinda cheap. But it is exactly the same. Two 18650 batteries are powering up this device to quickly heat up your herbs. Because this vape is so powerful it has lots of airflow. And that makes inhaling a lot easier than any other portable vape I tried. The downside of this great power with magnificent airflow is the herbs are toasted to bits way faster. So I can’t enjoy it for long. But the effect is of course very good because you inhale everything ends in your lungs! I have

tried this vape for several months now and I made a list of thing’s I like and dislike about this vape.

Great airflowHerb is toasted fast
Powerful enough to keep up with that airflowPrice
Good flavor
Also vapes well when you don’t fill the chamber all the way which makes it possible to vape small amounts.

All and all I’m quite satisfied with this vape. If you really like to vape and don’t have a daily driver that suits your needs yet, this vape can come in quite handy. If it’s just for vaping outdoors every now and then, I’d buy the cheaper one discussed above. Of course, it still stays a Chinese rip-off. If you want the actual best of the best you should buy the original brand.

Nothing beats a vape with a view, the Mighy in action on top of the mountains

E-liquid vape

Since it’s also possible to solve some THC in e-liquid we have experimented with quite some e-liquid vapes as well. And there is one absolute winner in this category: the oxva origin x. The flavor this thing creates is unbelievable and unmatched by any other vape. It’s powered by a 18650 battery and USB-c charged. The watts can be adjusted from 5-60watts to suit everyone’s needs. Personally, I’d like to vape at 7watt.

It has the option to create a d.i.y. coil which makes new coils and cottons incredibly cheap. This is especially interesting if you want to use it for thc extracts. Since thc extract can be a bit clogged your cotton will probably get dirty a lot faster. With the d.i.y. coil you can just replace the cotton and vape on for the costs of almost nothing. I used this wire as coil replacement. Make sure that the wire and cotton you use are safe for consumption.

Note that if you want to use thc solvent for this vape. Make sure to solve it in a vg/pg mixture of at least 50%vg. Otherwise, the solvent will get to thin and will leak out. And that would be a waste.

If you have doubts or need help ordering from aliexpress. Read our guide: Is AliExpress reliable? A Beginners Guide


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