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Since we like to be creative and build a lot of stuff, we need a lot of tools and accessories to keep us going. Because we need so many tools, we like to pay as little as possible while still maintaining some sort of quality. To make life a little easier, we want one battery that fits all of our machines. We have a lot of demand, and not so much money. That’s when we look at our friends in China from AliExpress. I created this list with tools that my friends or I use for all kinds of jobs. We’ve tested and used everything here ourselves as well. So basically, this is a shopping list for us in case we’re almost out of stock. But it might be useful for you as well.

I will update it with new tools or accessories that I tested out and found worth the money. So the list should keep on expanding. I’ll try to categorize it with the following:

Safety First! Protective wear

Although you may look like you’re going skiing, at least you won’t have any particles in your eye. These safety glasses are very useful for when you un-rust something while laying underneath it. Recommended to wear as soon as you use your angle grinder. Also very handy when you want to have a close look at where you’re actually sawing while sawing.

ear protectors

Next to protect my ears. This thing also makes sure I can maintain my focus while I use loud machines such as angle grinders and saws.

Screwing & Drilling

Impact wrench

An impact wrench is absolutely recommended if you are playing with screws and nuts regularly. Because it hammers in the rotation movement, you don’t get the impact on your wrists and arms while (un)screwing something. Very handy to get tight nuts loose and screw anything you want. Of course, you need to regulate the power down if you have smaller, more breakable projects. And with different converter pieces, you can fit any sort of bit on it. This Impact wrench also works on the same Makita 18V battery

1/2" to hex adapter

This is an adapter to go from your 1/2″ (impact wrench) to a normal screw bit

1/2" to 1/4" and vice versa adapter

This adapter is for when you want to go from 1/2″(impact wrench) to a different socket size like 3/8″ or 1/4″. Useful for when you have those sockets already

Screwing gun

Since you can’t drill with an impact wrench, you’ll need at least need one other machine for drilling holes. It also saves you a lot of time if you have multiple machines when doing a job because you don’t constantly have to switch the bits from your machine. This machine also has a hammer function for drilling in stone. And it can be used with the same 18V Makita batteries as all the other tools here. When you don’t have money to spend on two screwing guns, this would be the most universally applicable.

Drill set

This 25pc set is a good starting point for all your drills. I carry this with me on every job I do. I bought ten extra of every drill that I break because those are the sizes I use most (everything between 4 and 6mm to start with, and the really small ones like 3 and 2mm).

Stepping drill

This is a stepping drill. Very useful for when you need a big hole and you came unprepared (without a big drill)

from normal to 1/2" or 1/4" or

There are occasions where you’d like to go from normal bit t0 1/2″ or 3/8″. Then this is what you need.

Angle Grinder

Angle grinder

An angle grinder is an absolute must-have whilst working on a job. If you ask a lot from your angle grinder and keep using it for hours straight, you might be better of with an angle grinder on mains power. But if you use it to cut or grind something now and then, this might be useful. Personally, I like to have two. One on mains power and one on battery. Then I use one with a cutting disc and the other with a grinding disc. It works really fast that way because you don’t have to switch every now and then.

This drillpro angle grinder works on Makita 18V batteries so that’s a very common size for batteries. Spare ones are easy to find and rather cheap in comparison with other brands. Of course, we don’t buy Makita’s original batteries but Chinese ones. In comparison with a real Makita angle grinder, this one needs an extra second to get to full speed. For the rest I had no complaints about using it. It even has an option to switch the rotation (although I never used it)

angle grinder cutting discs

These cutting discs are fairly all right. I’ve bought a few other ones in China and they would break because of spinning so fast. But these stay in one piece so you can work without getting hurt. Branded ones probably last a little longer but they can’t beat this price. They are used to cut in basically everything except stone.

flapping disc for angle grinder

Flapping discs are the way to go if you’ll need to remove some wood/metal or anything else. I always buy grit 40 or 60 because a worn out flapping disc will automatically become a higher grit. Now, this ain’t real good quality, they are worn out pretty fast in comparison to a branded one I buy in the store here. But they are rather cheap and do the trick. So I definitely use them

nylon fiber flap disc

This is for very soft sanding with the angle grinder. I used it the other day on my front forks to remove the rust without damaging the metal.

angle grinder paint & rust remover

This is to remove rust or paint from metal without removing metal. Although it scratches the surface a little bit so I don’t recommend it if you want to keep your project brand new. But for though projects that need to be clear metal it’s perfect.


Jig saw

A Jigsaw is absolutely necessary if you need to saw anything else than straight simple lines. The jigsaw we ordered was delivered with the black guide plate mounted at a weird angle so that it was very hard to saw straight. There is a screw at the bottom plate to adjust it. After adjustment we had no complaints about this saw. In comparison with a real Makita, it misses the easy blade switch. You need an allen tool to switch blades with this machine which is a quite common system for jigsaws. Also, a real Makita has a weird system that when you start sawing it moves slow. And when It notices you hit something it starts to move faster. If you’re in a hurry, this can be quite annoying, so I’m happy that this Chinese jigsaw doesn’t have that function. This jigsaw also works with the Makita 18V batteries.

jigsaw blades

When you don’t have any jig saw blades yet, or need a new fresh start with al kinds of blades. This is the set you’ll need

Oscillating Tool

oscilating multi tool

Although it can be used for sanding as well. I use this occasionally to saw something in places where you don’t have room to put your saw in. I don’t use it very often but it can be a lifesaver in some situations. Again this works with the same 18V Makita batteries as all the other wireless tools

oscillating saw blades

Since oscillating blades become dull quite fast it’s recommended at least having a few spare ones so you can finish your job

Batteries for your Tools

18V akita battery 6ah

Since we have so many tools with this battery. It’s a good idea to have at least one battery for all your tools and a few extra so you can charge the empty ones while working with full ones. There are smaller batteries available but this is not to big but still enough power for some decent working.

If you’re a real cheapskate like us you don’t throw these away when they’re old and faulty. You screw it open and replace the 18650 batteries inside! A how-to will be published later but there are endless examples on YouTube to get you started.

Wood Milling Machine

Wood milling machine

A wood milling machine is the easiest way to smoothen edgy curves. It can also be used to create notches in wood or even more advanced notches like tongue and groove connections. If you don’t know what this thing does you probably don’t need it. If you’re going to work a lot with wood it will probably be useful for the finishing touches. They mention that this machine is 2300W. I measured it and it consumes about 300W. A professional DeWalt that a friend of mine has uses 600W so this is expected to be a little weaker. But for most wood projects it does the job just fine.

router bit set

Don’t forget to order router bits as well if you don’t have these yet. 6mm Are the ones you need. I mostly use the ones for rounding edges but I have this whole set for every once in a while.


Working lights to see what you’re actually doing. It can be hanged with an included hook. It is magnetic for when you’re working on your car or anything else from metal. And it gives a lot of light. It has multiple light settings so it can be used in energy-saving mode as well. When I go camping I just stick it on the outside of my van so I have outdoor lighting. It even has red lights, although I never use that.


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