About EagleTastic

EagleTastic is as described: the home of the eagle. Who is the eagle? Well that’s me, since my last name is eagle translated in English. This site should be an representative of my home. A gathering of cool creative ideas how you can make the most out of spending as less as possible. Here is where we document all the stuff that we do to make our lives a little easier/better.

Because we like it cheap 90% of everything we use comes from our friends at aliexpress. Sure, quality can be a problem. But with the right knowledge and products you can definitely create a beautiful end result. This site is meant to share those ideas with you. We are not sponsored in any way. If you buy something via our links we sometimes get a small percentage which cost you nothing extra and enables us to commit time and money in new cool projects and products we can share with you. We made sure to find the best deal and product for you since that is what we buy for ourselves as well.