11 products you need for your camper right now

We want to build a quality camper with low costs. To save money there are lots of parts you can order online from aliexpress. Although a lot of people are probably scared to put cheap Chinese products in their camper. It is safe if you know what you’re doing. Did we already say that it saves money! Hence we made a list with the top eleven aliexpress money saving purchases for any camper build. The parts are bought, tested and used by us as well. If you connect them properly with thick wire there’s nothing to worry about. Still have doubts ordering from aliexpress. Read this guide: Is AliExpress reliable? A Beginners Guide

Diesel Heater

Unless you’re only touring across Hawaii there’s a good chance you will encounter some cold areas sooner or later. Since diesel is well available all around the globe and maybe your vehicle even drives on it, a diesel heater is a must have in your camper van. Especially for the price China offers them. Order your diesel heater right here. If you live in Europe these will be shipped from within the eu, so there are no import taxes!

Fridge 12V

Of course you need a fridge in your rv. We need to have good food and cold drink available anytime anywhere. That’s why we need a fridge with a lot of inner space. Since we’re building it inside a moving vehicle, it is important that the fridge doesn’t consume a lot of power as well. To maximise space efficiency consider buying this fridge. Because it opens from above you have one big open space for all your big bottles and a whole rib for on the bbq (or all your other cooling needs). To make the fridge easy accessible we’d recommend making a drawer for it. Also there’s no need to worry about import taxes since this seller also ships from within Europe

Fuse Box

Since we’re installing a lot of electric gadgets for our camper. We need a fuse box to manage all our electricity. This fuse box from aliexpress can manage up to 100A at a time with 35A output per fuse. That means you have enough electricity to power all your needs (chargers, lighting, fridge etcetera). When the fuse gets blown a light will burn to indicate which fuse broke.

Solar Panel

All that electricity needs to come from somewhere. Since we have a roof available and the sun is free as well. Installing some solar panels is a must have for your recreational vehicle. How much you need is different for every situation. But there won’t be a situation where you have too much. So fill that roof with all the solar panels that fit on to it! This panels comes with a frame so that it loses it’s heat more efficient. That’s important for maximum power returns!

To mount these panels use a mounting bracket like these

Both items are shipped from within Europe so no import tax when you live there

Charge Controller

Wiring the panels directly to your battery will damage them. Therefore we need a charge controller to convert the power from your panels to usable power. There are cheap options available but a decent mppt controller like this is worth it’s extra costs. That’s because it converts the electricity from the panels in a more efficient way. That comes down to more power for us to use! When deciding how many amps you need divide your watts from the solar panels by the voltage from your battery (12V in most cases). We have for example 600W/12V= 50A. Because it’s wise to have a little bit reserve so that nothing overheats. We took the 60A edition. On 12V that should be enough for 720W


To store all that power you need a battery. Again, bigger is better but we have all sorts of restrictions such as money, space and weight. Therefore you have to decide what’s enough for your purpose. You’ll get the most battery out of your money when you build one yourself. How that’s done is an other blog post in the future, or you’ll find it elsewhere online. I just show you the cheapest deal for now which would be this 280ah battery. To make it a workable 12V battery you’ll need a proper BMS like this. Make sure you order the 3.2V same port. When you need to know how to make your own LiFePo4 battery, read our guide here: How to make LiFePo4 12V Lithium Battery


So we have everything setup for our 12V system. But what if you need ac 230V or 110V? Therefore we would need an inverter (and a big battery to power it). Always choose a pure sine wave inverter like this because non pure sine waves can damage the electronics you want to connect with it. Also do note that the Chinese will advertise with it’s maximum peak power (watts). The normal rated power is half of it (which can be found if you read thoroughly).


Because we keep getting more and more cool gadgets we need more power. For our power to go in all those cool gadgets we need sockets. Because almost everything is usb powered it’s smart to have usb sockets available in your camper at different places. A standard 12v socket is also very useful for most other devices.

Lighting 12V

Light is one of the basic needs where ever you are. Therefore they can’t miss in this list of cheap China products for your camper rv. Because we want to keep the power consumption low we go with led puck lights. This led puck lights are 2,5W each, they are very small so handy to install in a place with limited space. And they are dimmable. Which makes them usable in all kinds of situation. Ofcourse you’ll need a dimmer like this as well.


Since living in a camper means living in a small place you have to make sure there’s enough fresh air. Not only important for your own health but also important to keep humidity out of your camper. Keeping humidity out means keeping rust out. And that will save you a lot of costs in the long run. You can install one or two of these in your roof to keep the air flow going. If you prefer an option on the side of your vehicle choose this one


Al the waste products coming from our drinks and food need to go somewhere. Thus we need a toilet in our mobil home. Luckily for us China even thought of that. How convenient! This toilet is small and efficient. Therefore it’s perfect to carry around in your camper. When it’s (almost) full it’s time to find an appropriate emptying point such as a toilet or chemical toilet space.

Are you building your camper right now, or are you planning to buy one? Order one or more of the above items now since shipping from China can take a while. When you know friends that have plans on building a camper, share this list with them to save them some money. When this post helped you and you order one of these products, please use the links provided on this page. We get a small percentage to keept rhis running and it cost you nothing extra.


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